Boosting Ad Relevance And Reducing PPC Costs

In a recent post originating from the Microsoft Adcenter blog, Sheifala Singla gives some insider tips on how to improve your ad campaign. Though some classic tips such as “including a relevant keyword in the ad title” emerge, we are always happy to listen to people behind the scenes and highlight some tips which caught our attention.

Your ad position is primarely determined by relevance. The less relevant your advertisement, the higher you will have to bid to achieve the same ad position for a certain keyword. Creativity and relevance are therefore the most cucial elements in your campaign to reduce costs. Following tips aim to increase your ad relevance and indirectly your ppc campaign costs.

You already know your keyword and ad copy should match, call to action and highlight the most important benefits, but there is more. Using keywords in your landing page will not only optimize your landing page for viewers but will possibly also influence your ad position. Relevance is at stake, again.

Have you tought of levering your brand name or the “official site” addendum? Such displays confirm authority and lead to a higher number of click throughs. Also remember to put the most important information first, as the ‘scanning’ reader will only have a quick glance at your ad and instantly decide to click or not to click.

Insert a timely aspect in your ad. Not only you can choose to create a sense of urgency by limiting your offer, you can also play on the seasonality of your offer. Back to School, holidays etc are good attractors as they remind the viewer of something they need or will need soon.

Finally, I found the tip not to use superlatives quite interesting. Superlatives don’t meet editorial guidelines and probably don’t impress the viewer anyway. Power terms such as Hot, Excellent, amazing orĀ  wholesale do better, without creating too much expectations (unlike Best, Biggest, Greatest…)