5 Golden Tips To Increase AdSense Revenue

Many SEO professionals earn some money with AdSense, it’s easy and doesn’t need to much of attention in general. This approach might result in sub-optimal returns so a careful inspection of your current ads might be useful after reading this article.

The AdSense format is a first parameter to look at. The format determines the look of the Google ads so it’s useful to see first what design fits best to your site and how obvious you want the ads the be. The Large Rectangle format (336×280) has proved to be a good click through generator, but you might as well want to test against the Medium Rectangle (300×250) to see which format is optimal.

If you want to increase your click troughs it is a good idea to make the ads look as natural as can be. Go to the Custom Color Palette and adjust the colors of the ads to look just like your links on your page. Another idea is to use the same colors for your ads as for your most popular section/link on the site. Users become more ad blind when colors remind them of other section they have seen before.

The fact that many visitors don’t even bother to scroll down your page, makes it more useful to put your ads on top the page. When being confronted with the ad at the first sight of your site, the attention of the visitor is still focused. The chance he clicks through is higher because the ad might appeal to something he/she was initially searching for on the web.

Use channels to see which of your sites are performing well and which ones don’t. Keep track of the changes you made and look out for the results that work. Custom channels are a great tool to analyse several aspects at the same time. Use the results of your analysis to constantly upgrade your ads to match your visitor trends.

Finally you must bear in mind not to use to many filters. Of course it’s smart to block ads from your competitor but better to leave it with that. Too many filters limit your possibilities, though your primary goal is to inform your visitors and offer them relevant ads they can benefit from. Try to focus on one subject related to your site/blog/business and generate the most clicks.