PPC Search Engines: LookSmart AdCenter

LookSmart, and many of you are probably not aware of its PPC system, is not worth your time unless you can afford a minimum bid per keyword of $0.10. There are over 400 million searches each day in LookSmart’s network, so you can be sure your traffic will boost.

Your traffic will boost due to LookSmart’s additional distribution channels that include Lycos, InfoSpace, Apple’s Sherlock and CNET.

The system is simple: you decide how many clicks you want to pay for and pay only for the clicks you receive, but you you’ll need to have a minimum of $15 monthly and really spend this amount, whether for keyword targeting (placing a bid on the keywords) or inclusion targeting (your site lists automatically for all searches).

As per MIVA, the costs of the campaigns compared to AdWords are lower. Additionally there is no charge for adding or updating your keywords, and you’ll get a very good customer service.

To learn more about LookSmart AdCenter, take the online tour. It will give you a comprehensible view over the system and at the end you’ll know exactly whether this is the right solution for your business. Take a careful look at the terms of service too.

Even publishers can take advantage of LookSmart AdCenter and start monetizing their sites’ traffic through Pay-Per-Click advertising. The system includes, as Google’s AdSense sponsored search and contextual advertising. But because it doesn’t convert as well as AdSense does, publishers use it rarely.

Hopefully the information provided today is useful for you. Tomorrow we’ll analyse another PPC search engine.