Microsoft Artifices

If you’ve ever wondered why Microsoft has stopped its bCentral program, here is one of the answers: Microsoft adCenter. A pay per click application, an AdWords type of program, an idea that has behind the same reasons as all the pay per click programs known to man, but an idea that has behind a pretty interesting statement:

The people who use Live Search are well-educated professionals with a high income, and 92 percent of them have made purchases online in the last six months.

If I allow myself a free interpretation this means that Microsoft adCenter is not for the masses, this means that the regular web user (who has a low income) doesn’t care about Live Search and that Microsoft is aiming an “elite”. Naturally you could ask: is a Microsoft adCenter campaign worth the price? It really depends what you are selling and to whom.

Understand that Google runs the best pay per click model. That Google delivers the highest revenues. That the largest number of the Web surfers use Google.

This is not an anti Live Search entry. But as Microsoft itself states, the Live Search users number is restrained to “well-educated professionals with a high income”. Pay for a sponsored placement in Live solely if these “well-educated professionals” are your target and you really have something to offer them.

Even Yahoo is still a better choice than the Microsoft adCenter. Another funny aspect: if you look at the case studies you’ll notice that most of the advertisers have one thing in common: 20% lift in ROI after using the magic adCenter. They also have another thing in common: Dave Pasternak’s paid search optimization company. And we all know he is able to promulgate enough SEO misconceptions.


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