PPC Search Engines: MSN adCenter

Yesterday you learned a bit about Chitika and what makes it such a success for both advertisers and publishers. You also know now that, as an advertiser, you need a consistent monthly budget to benefit from the system. But what happens when you don’t have $ 10000 each month? You can always choose between Yahoo!, Google and MSN. All the three major players in the search arena offer PPC engines. Today you get a short review of MSN’s adCenter.

The cost of the keywords is still low and the conversions are pretty good. Advertisers who are experienced with both Google AdWords and MSN adCenter report good conversions from both the PPC search engines. The MSN platform is a bit better structured than Google’s, more comprehensible for a beginner.

Microsoft’s users are generally ready-to-buy customers. If your product is good and your web copy does its job, there’s no reason not to see conversions. But before starting any PPC camping you should do a little research and understand the users of each search engine.

Not all search engines attract the same users. Google fans will buy from Google clients, MSN users will trust their search engine. 

According to Nielsen NetRatings a dollar spent on MSN adCenter generates more revenue than the dollar invested in other PPC campaigns.

As to the how and when to employ MSN, that’s simple: when you are into International sales and your target is the USA.

Hopefully this answers your question on why MSN adCenter doesn’t operate in Europe (yet). But MSN could be beneficial for you if you use its adCenter Labs (still in its demo phase), yet effective for keyword selection, seasonal keyword forecast, sensitive web page detecting and much more. Give it a try. It’s fun and interactive.