Enquiry Into Optimizing Paid Search Ads

When you get yourself into paid search advertisements, the stakes are raised pretty high these days. When Google introduced its quality score, the landscape of paid search ads changed in the sense that the quality of landing page, the number of clickthroughs and the relevance of your ad copy started to matter as much as only your keywords and bidding strategy did before.

No, over are the days that you quickly launched an ad into the world and sat back watch site traffic going up. Now you fear a bad quality score and resulting higher costs when you don’t comply to the rules of the game, so let’s put you on the way, the new way.

Knowing who you want to find and click your ad is a preliminary step to setting up any paid search campaign. Who are them? How much do they already know about your service or product? Do you want to attract information seekers or ready-to-buy customers? Make sure you target the right people and bring acroos the message they were looking for in the first place.

So, what were they looking for? Do you know? Nothing worse than clicking an ad and feeling fooled when landing on the page. Make sure your ad copy reflects in an attractive way what the searcher can expect when clicking on the ad. Building a little suspense can work, but avoid exagerations and false promises (lie free gadgets). Even when the ad promise or USP is showing  somewhere on the site, if the it is not spotted immediately, decepetion will be your part.

Keywords are the key, this statement has been heavily propaged in the SEO scene, but holds some truth. Repeating the search query in the ad is generally accepted as a good way to catch more attention and click through rates, but there is more. Keywords need to reinforce your site’s message, they have to reflect perfectly who you are after and have to bring a consistent message throughout your whole campaign. Easier said then done, but bear in mind irrelevancy is reflected in your search engine quality score.

Optimizing performance while minimizing costs is a peculiar task and the only way to succeed is to test over and over, trying out new ad copies and  closely monitoring the results. Patience and courage are great SEO virtues!