Pay-Per-Click Don’ts Part 2

There are some PPC mistakes that might cause low conversion results and loss of money and other mistakes that might lead to account suspensions and, in the most unfortunate situations, lawsuits.

If you read carefully Google’s content policy you’ll note that there are many situations when PPC is out of the question for your site and you will need to find other online advertising tools to promote your products.

What Google doesn’t tell you on this page is never to use trademark names, brands or slogans within the content of your ad. If you have permission from these brands this shouldn’t be a problem, but you’ll have to explain that to Google or to write a clear disclaimer on the landing page stipulating that all brand names are used with permission or that you are an official distributor, etc.

Many sites from the content network are made for AdSense sites. This is a problem Google still fails to solve. So if you notice a suspicious increase of the click-through rate wile the conversion rate remains really low check out the sites in the content network and take out those you consider suspicious.

Last but not least: analyse your AdWords stats to see which days bring you the highest conversions and which the higher click-through rates with the lowest conversions. It would be smart if you turn your ads off for the days when they do not perform well. Boost your ads during the proper time.

I hope that these guidelines give you a fair idea on what you have to do for a successful PPC campaign. If you need further assistance or a free analysis of your site (let us tell you whether landing pages and website are ready for a PPC campaign or not) don’t hesitate to contact Search Engine Oracle Ltd.


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