When Do You Need Pay-Per-Click?

When you cannot afford to wait and see the results of your SEO efforts – that’s when you need pay-per-click. Let’s say you have a new website and you want some revenue fast. Or maybe you’ve launched a new product and you need to introduce it on the market before your competition comes up with something similar to steal your thunder.

If you have a budget for advertising pay-per-click is the fastest way to generate revenue, if used wisely. Pay-per-click, as SEO, is an art – a science if you want. You need to understand this search engines marketing tool if you don’t want to waste your money. Advertise the wrong product to the wrong people and you’ll end up with nothing.

Which are the search engines I recommend for PPC campaigns? Obviously Google and Yahoo!. These search engines have real traffic, free tools you could use to track your campaigns and your results, free keyword selectors (the whole PPC system is based on keywords) and other options that will help you target your ads and lead to better conversions.

The keywords selection tool is as important for the PPC campaign as it might be for an SEO campaign. There are no big differences between PPC and SEO when it comes to how to choose your keywords. You need to target the right terms – try to imagine what your customers might type into the query box of the search engines when they are looking for the products or services you want to sell. How you write your ads will influence the click through and conversion rates as well. Join me again tomorrow to learn how to write an ad that sells.


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