Again SEO Versus PPC

For many online entrepreneurs it is still unclear when to use paid advertising and when to use natural search optimisation. Before diving into a long debate, I’d like to underline that natural search optimisation is needed from the very launch of a website. Period.

Pay per click is a completely different story. In most of the cases, its role is to maximize sales for a specific product or service.

Some website owners also use PPC campaigns to increase the number of subscribers to a newsletter or to promote a brand.

All these are short-term campaigns and they should be employed as long as they work. It makes no sense to spend a fortune on PPC in the false belief that this technique will bring higher rankings in the natural search.

Managing a PPC campaign is not easy and it is usually not a subject of DIY strategies. Till the DIY advocate learns how to manage a PPC campaign correctly chances are that not only time is wasted, but money as well. Therefore, the best strategy is to employ a qualified professional, eventually a Google AdWords qualified company or individual.

As you see, Search Engine Oracle Ltd. is such a professional. Employing our company brings you additional advantages too. You’ll get a free website audit and by purchasing an SEO package from us (one-time fee, no hidden costs) we’ll automatically set up an AdWords account to use when your sales strategy requires. We’ll advise when to employ PPC and when to employ other, less expensive, strategies to promote your products and services.