PPC Search Engines: MIVA

The journey in the PPC search engines world continues with MIVA, known formerly as “FindWhat.” MIVA is recommended for its targeted traffic on sites like Search.com, Excite, DogPile, etc.

So the MIVA adds run in the CNET network and it might be a good paid advertising channel for those with lower budgets, who target particularly USA and Canada, (because these are the two countries where MIVA is most popular). But the markets in France, Italy, Germany and UK are opened too.

As Google, Chitika, Yahoo and MSN, MIVA encourages publishers to place a code on their pages to monetize their sites. The service is called MIVA InLine.

Yes, it’s rarely used, because it is quite new and the conversions for the publishers are not as high as per Google AdSense.

For advertisers MIVA offers many advantages: affordable pricing per keyword, simple user interface, very good structure of the system, impeccable customer service, fraud protection, keyword selection tools, and good exposure. The only drawback is given by the long waiting terms to for the review of new keywords.

MIVA is available for UK customers too, but remember that it is still not popular in our country. Yet there are reasons to believe that its network will extend, as many more advertisers are looking for different paid channels to promote their sites (others than the already traditional Google and Overture).

On the careers at MIVA UK page you’ll find every now and again interesting job postings and other career opportunities (training, seminars, etc.).