SEO Misconceptions

When a former (so-called) SEO professional like Dave Pasternak starts posting anti-SEO comments one really starts wondering what’s going wrong with the SEO industry! That Pasternak makes such statements is no surprise for me. After all he has a PPC (pay per click) firm and he obviously wants to convince people to invest money in PPC rather than SEO. But if you take a look at his site you’ll see that it screams SEO, and that’s not only PPC or paid search optimisation!

Of course, Search Engine Oracle Ltd. is able to manage PPC campaigns, but PPCs are not SEO! They are SEM – search engine marketing – tools! Pay per click might also be used to advertise on normal sites, not solely in the search engines. To make a long story short: PPC is advertising. To better define the term: “Pay Per Click is Advertising on Internet Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. An advertiser pays to have their advert appear when a chosen keyword or phrase is searched for.”

With PPC your site will appear in the SE among the “sponsored results”. You have to understand that PPC campaigns cannot boost your natural listings in the search engines. And you need natural listings as well if you want credibility. Some users don’t trust companies that need to pay for search engine listings. They consider the sponsored results a wacky place where splogs and scrapper sites advertise their useless content. Other users trust these results. It’s a matter of personal perception. But to be successful online you need to use all possible channels.

As Google itself recommends SEO, you might want to reconsider whether you should believe Pasternak’s statements or not.


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