If you have a small business and you want to promote it online, you certainly need a website. But a website is not a magic answer. It’s not enough to have it designed by the best Web design company on the market. You’ll need to promote that website as well.

You’ll start by submitting your site to the search engines, as you understand that 80% of the traffic to a website comes from them. Not many SEOs still recommend search engines submissions, as all the major search engines are fully automated and they are able to find your website by following the links that point at it. In this case, my advice would be to start with a press release announcing your new Web presence and make sure to include in its text at least one link pointing at your website. And try to get contextual links in a few related blogs too.

If you have a small site – up to 10 pages, you don’t have too many chances to rank naturally. Just take a look at your competition (those ranking on the first page in Google) and see what they are doing. They certainly have well optimized sites, loads of content, a bunch of high quality links and so on. Therefore, with a small site, your best chances come from PPC campaigns.

If you attempt to run a PPC campaign yourself, you will probably end up spending more then you can afford, especially if you are inexperienced. PPC is tricky if you don’t understand analytics, conversion ratios and so on. Don’t forget that Search Engine Oracle offers free analysis for your website. Before making a decision in what you are going to invest, take advantage of our offer to learn what’s best for your online business.


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