9 Tips to Successfully Set up Your PPC Account

Follow this 10 easy steps to set up a successful PPC account from the first time and discover how many things can go wrong if you don’t start of properly.

Before starting it is advisable to undertake following steps: download adword Editor from Google, create a new account and download the KeyWordPad from Google. The easiest way to start is with an Adword campaign in Google as data from from this campaign can be exported to other PPC campaigns later on.

1)      Structure your account like a tree. The branches should be your different products, with smaller branches being the key features of that product/service. For every branch another ad campaign will apply. Structuring your account should be a balance between what resources you have and how much different campaigns you can manage at a time.

2)      Obtain good keywords. This seems obvious but you would be surprised how many campaigns are based on poorly or randomly selected keywords. Great tools for keyword selection are Wordtracker, SEO book’s KW tool, Keyword Discovery and HitWise.

3)      Set up a campaign. To begin you can set up a ‘search network only’ campaign. Just uncheck the ‘content network’ box. A different account can be set up to include the content network, which can be a valuable network, but to start let’s keep things easy.

4)      Look for negative keywords. These keywords are the ones you don’t want your business to be associated with and you can find them by brainstorming or by running a search query report if you are already running a PPC campaign.

5)      Create Root Adgroup and Ads. Create a generic ad that is going to be used for set up only and that describes your product and calls for action. Afterwards you can dump all your keywords in that group. The optimization of the keywords will happen later on. As your set up is complete, launch the campaign but pause it immediately as more things need to be done.

6)      Download new campaign and split it up. Now you can download your campaign and put it into Adword Editor. The keyword grouper tool will help to categorize the keywords in homogeneous groups. After this process you will have many different ad groups divided per theme. Upload the campaign with the different as groups to Google and log out Adword Editor.

7)      Manually create ads for each group. Make ads per ‘theme’ of keywords. Be original and call to action.

8)      Expand your keywords. When you copy all your group keywords into Adword Editor, it will give you a list of other similar keywords or synonyms, it’s worth to check because prices can easily differ between keywords.

9)      Duplicate, track, monitor and succeed. It’s important to ensure you analytics pack is installed correctly to track your campaign and to check if your ad is targeting the right countries. After everything is set up you can copy your campaign from Adword and upload it to other PPC programs.

For a more elaborate view of these tips go to Dave Davis’ blog.


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