Top 10 Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

This entry will review shortly the top 10 PPC search engines for 2007, according to, a reliable resource, where all PPC search engine get reviewed and the site owners publish news about the search engine industry on regular basis.

  1. The top PPC search engine is, as expected, Google AdWords, which happens to bring the best revenue for the money, it has a very good user interface, good customer support but it is also the most expensive PPC search engine.
  2. Google is followed by Yahoo! Search marketing (I’ll write more about this one in a future entry).
  3. Then comes MIVA and you already know a bit about it, if you read my previous entry.
  4. Number 4, Enhance, is not so known, but those who use it are satisfied by its quality control and the excellent customer support. The Enhance team will even write your PPC ads and manage your bids, so if you are a busy entrepreneur, this sounds like a good choice.
  5. GoClick is perfect for cheap traffic. Its interface is quite straightforward and the best proof of its quality is given by the amount of positive reviews and customer loyalty.
  6. MSN AdCenter comes in on the 6th place, but we have reasons to believe that this will change soon. MSN has a powerful branding to backup its actions and enough satisfied customers already.
  7. Less known to the general public, 7Search is able to bring some quality targeted traffic and apparently they are able to provide for better ROI than Google and Yahoo!. Feel free to test the service to convince yourself.
  8. The last three positions are occupied by Search123 (which was one of the first PPC search engines),
  9. SearchFeed (with strong ROI and geo targeting for 11 countries including UK)
  10. and ABCSearch, which just launched patent-pending fraud-prevention software.