Keyword of the Year 2007

The keyword of the year 2007 is iPhone. Google’s Zeitgeist reflects quite accurately the trends of 2007. Why is it important to know the trends? Well, because most of the keywords that were popular in 2007 remain popular at least 6 months in 2008 and that’s a lot of time for niche blogs to exploit them. The most popular keywords deliver more traffic. Experienced bloggers already know how to exploit these keywords to maximize ROI.

iPhone is one of the keywords with the greatest potential. Design blogs could go for a keyword phrase like “iPhone wallpapers” and monetize the traffic derived from such a search query. The term returns about 130 searches in Google each day, so obviously who manages to hit the first page in Google for these keywords can only benefit.

It’s not difficult to select the best keyword phrases related to iPhone. You can use a free keywords selection tool like this and choose the keyword phrase that you consider the most effective for your needs. Targeting the iPhone term alone is pointless. You cannot beat Apple – the original iPhone home – and you cannot beat most of the other sites that appear on Google’s first results page either: they are all authority sites. But for a “blogs search” depending on your blog’s authority and the relevancy of your content, you can score big points.

Knowing the trends for 2007 also helps predicting the trends for 2008. If you look at the Zeitgeist archive and compare 2007 with the predeceasing years, you’ll note that the monthly search trends are quite similar. A comparison between these trends will help you with the season campaigns and even with PPC campaigns.


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