Now See Your AdWords…On TV

First they brought us AdWords on our search results, then it was AdWords on other people’s websites (via the AdSense program), then it was AdWords in national US papers, and now Google are serving up AdWords on TV!

According to the official blog, it has been in beta since June 2007, but is now being opened up to all US based advertisers (but no word yet on whether it will be opened to international advertiser).

The way it works is this;

  1. You need to create your TV commercial, by going to the Ad Creation Marketplace you can find links to dozens of professionals who will help you write, shoot and produce your advert.
  2. Even better, Google will subsidize your ad creation up to $2000 – it looks like they are really keen to get this off the ground
  3. When your advert is created, it’s time to login to your AdWords account and select the network and dayparts (the time of day you want your ad to be shown presumably). You can even run your ads during specific programmes.
  4. With the auction model of AdWords, you specify the maximum cost per thousand impressions you want to pay and you only pay when you ad airs.

Given that Google is an advertising company, I assume it can’t be long before they’ll introduce radio ads too. Where can they go from there?

The foray in to TV ads is a bold step for Google, but it’s great to see that these medium is being opened up to the masses in a way that has never before been possible.


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