ALT Attributes SEO

This is the kind of SEO you need to perform in order to drive traffic to your site through Google Image Search. This kind of traffic doesn’t necessarily convert, but if you hunt for better Alexa scores, then take my advice and optimise your ALT attributes: contrary to what many SEOs tell you, ALT is not a tag.

Optimising the ALT attributes might also reflect upon your AdSense wins: more traffic equals more clicks. To make your images Google image search compliant here is what you have to optimize:

  • Add an src attribute, which is also the address of the image (the URL where the image can be found alone),
  • Add width and height declarations in pixels,
  • Add an ALT attribute to describe the content of the image – make it keyword rich and relevant for the image. This means that is you have a picture of a rose you cannot write “SEO service” instead. Simply write what the image represents “Beautiful red rose postcard” or something similar.
  • Add a title attribute, which will display an explicative text when the user hovers the cursor over the image. Here you could write the same words as in your ALT attribute, or write what the picture represents plus the author of the picture.

As per any other SEO technique, I have to warn you that if you over do it or if you use it to spam Google, chances are that all the images coming from your domain will be banned out of the image search results. So: no spamdexing!