SEO Magic Wand: Building Authority

Authority is the best thing you can do for your weblog these days. If you build it, they will come. You don’t need to build content, you don’t need to hunt for links: you need to build authority.

This is easier said than done for authority cannot be built without content, links and rapport. You need traffic in large amounts, preferably targeted traffic, you need lots of returning visitors and you need a “natural link optimization” meaning that all links pointing to your website should appear “natural” to Google.

In my last entries I referred a lot to other search engines that try to “kill Google” and I advised that you focus on them too. Yet currently Google is still the King, the relatively absolute monarch and if you still want traffic from it you have to “play by the rules.”

You can get targeted traffic from the social media sites. The only condition is that you tag your entries properly. Each tag acts like a major keyword, which is also an accurate description. If your entry manages to make it on the first page of these sites the affluence of traffic might blow your server – so make sure your webhost will not shut your site down.

If you somehow manage to keep that amount of traffic constant, or if you manage to “increase” it slowly, the Google bots will think that you have a cool site, one that people like to visit. Also remember that if the visitors spend 0 seconds on the page, Google will believe that you are involved in traffic exchange scams and your site will eventually suffer.

Authority will bring you on the top of the SERPs, even ahead of the original source of the news. Sad situation for the original source, but good news for you. This will go on till Google will find a way of recognizing the original.


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