Beware of Spam Links

Linking is important, but if you do it wrong it will cause your website to drop. It happened to John Chow who used to rank on the first page for “make money online” but because he’s got too many links with the same anchor text over a short period of time, Google decided that his technique was spammy and now, although still in the top 100 results, John Chow is not such an easy find for this competitive keyword phrase. What do we learn? That we have to mix anchor text as often as possible to avoid such SE penalties.

Almost any SEO technique could hurt your site if you exaggerate. There is a “too much” in SEO, but how do you know when to stop? With new sites the answer is easy: do not speed up the SEO process. Slow down. Take one step at a time. Today a link, tomorrow two, and so on. With older, authority sites, the issue is a bit more complicated. Too many links at once, with the same anchor text, pointing at the same page, are a clear spamdexing strategy.

When you have a new website and you want to submit it to directories, try not to do all the submissions at once. Also don’t submit always the same title and the same description. Google avoids duplicate content. Link titles (anchor texts) and descriptions are seen as micro content. Repeat them and Google will choose to ignore some. SEO through linking strategies is becoming more and more difficult, especially since Google has decided to count solely links from authority websites.