Beyond SEO Theories

Many clients asked: what do the search engines take into consideration when they index a web page?

There are many factors, all leading to a general common-sense answer: the SEs take into consideration everything from on-page factors to accessibility and off page factors. A website should be planned with all these aspects in mind.

The on-page SEO factors relay to keyword and content optimisation, title tags, meta tags, heading (H1,H2 ) tags, anchor texts for the internal linking structure and so on.

Accessibility means creating a correct code, one that could be easily scanned by the search engines but easily accessed by web users whom are physically disabled (Blind, death, or have other disabilities) or for those who access the Internet with text browsers. Creating a W3C and DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant website makes SEO a piece of cake!

The off-page SEO factors are the linking strategies that bring you inbound links.

SEO seems easy in theory. But beyond theories you always have a struggle. If SEO were that easy, you wouldn’t hear so many questions about it. And although these questions already have their answers online, you still see online entrepreneurs selling books that will give you magic SEO answers and do over-night wonders for your site.

There are no SEO wonders. Remember that! If you don’t want to pay a company to do the job for you, if you really are an adept of DIY, then don’t throw your money on books that promise you miracles. Buy a serious SEO book instead and read the articles written by the SEO gurus. These guys know their jobs.


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