Black Hat SEO

In the past (and this is an “once upon a time” situation) Aaron’s black hat SEO had no search engine ranking (no occurrence in the first 100 Google results). Today it is number 1 for the term “black hat SEO”, meaning that Google couldn’t ignore the amount of links that point to this (undoubtedly) authority site.

The site is a valuable resource for those who are not familiar with the real meaning of black hat SEO. It offers links to relevant sites discussing this issue, fun links (as Aaron Wall himself says: “directory of products and services I generally don’t recommend”, an equally fun about page:

This domain was made in a single day and costs less than $10 a year to run. If we prevent one person from making a mistake it saves them a ton more than that, as well as a ton of time” and lots of other features.

The bad SEO page is particularly interesting for those of you who really want to learn what not to do, in SEO terms, with your site.

Why do I recommend this site? Because recently I’ve seen many webmasters employing black hat techniques, and this is the most relevant resource I know to help you understand that black hat SEO will bring no real benefits for your site. Lucky webmasters might see provisory results (will generally last for one or two weeks, sometimes even longer) but as a rule, sites employing black hat techniques will lose their rankings and sometimes suffer from even harsher search engines penalties, like search engines bans and supplemental traps.

Conclusion: beware of black hats!