Blog SEO Tools?

It’s hard to talk about blog SEO. This is a really broad field and certainly not an easy one. For example many Blogger bloggers are not even aware of the presence of the <meta name=”ROBOTS” content=”NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW” /> within the code of their blogs. This is an issue that seriously affects Google listings, PageRank and traffic. The solution is simple: remove the <$BlogMetaData$> tag. But how many bloggers can identify this tag in the complicated HTML code? If this has happened to you and you need some help, contact us!

However, if a blogger is already a member in a strong blogging community, he or she might still have enough traffic and readers. I am not sure whether I should call blogger communities “SEO tools” or not, but I do know that communities build up awareness and might as well bring faithful readers.

There are many blogger communities on the Web, but my personal experience makes me recommend the most serious (almost spam free) one: MyBlogLog. This community belongs to Yahoo! – the Giant bought MyBlogLog recently: at the beginning of January this year.

Any experienced blogger is already aware of the power of networking and communicating. If you join such a community and know how to talk to your fellow bloggers you’ll certainly have many advantages: free link exchanges (sometimes simple links back to your most notable entries), buzz about your blog (or blogs), a serious increase in traffic, better revenue (for example if you run some Google AdSense ads) and you might as well get tagged and see your name in the spotlight at Technorati.


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