Nr. 1 What?

Someone has just reinvented the wheel. Someone gives us the nr. 1 SEO tip and asks for nothing in return. Someone tells us that “content is king.” Did you need to know this SEO tip?

Were you unaware of the fact that not being found on the first page of Google (I’d say the top 20 results) is the number one business killer on the Internet?

There are many factors that could cause a sudden death of your business on the Internet. There are some that could cause a slow death too, but the author of the article linked above doesn’t err when he says that content matters. Yet I wouldn’t go so far saying that this is the number 1 SEO tip.

You cannot get content scanned and indexed without links.

It is not enough to create a site and stuff it with articles to make it on the first page of Google.

SEO is a complex process. While there are no secrets (as some so called SEO gurus might want you to believe) there are no “Nr. 1 SEO tips” either.

The author of the article linked above refers to LSI too. He says:

While you should still write good, natural, user-friendly and relevant web copy, using some simple LSI techniques can elevate your search engine ranking.

The first part of his statement puzzles me a little. Good, natural, user-friendly and relevant web copy is exactly what LSI is all about. Search engines using LSI want you to write naturally, for the users, to avoid SE spam. And the author of the article rambles even more:

Writing an article that is topically related to your business and then submitting it to article directories like, and will pay off big.

While this is not a bad technique, it will not help. Search engines tend to ignore duplicate content. And submitting the same article on every known article directory is useless. But about this… tomorrow.