Choosing A Domain Name

Choosing your domain name right was one of the most important SEO techniques in the past. Even now, when you perform an online search in Google or anywhere else you’ll notice that domains matching your query tend to appear within the first results.

The top 20 positions in Google were somehow easy to guarantee with a good domain choice. Not anymore. The search engines are learning that domain names, although in most of the cases relevant for the content a site, are not always relevant for the quality of that content.

Like with any other SEO technique, scrapper sites, made for AdSense sites and many other win-centred parasites, abused this “domain choice” to trick the search engines and get high rankings; and even to trick honest entrepreneurs and make big wins out of what you might as well call “domain traffic”.

Domain traffic is one of the real problems on the Web nowadays (if back in 2005 these numbers were scary, can you imagine the present statistics?) and the fact that the search engines start to focus on other criteria to determine how to rank sites in the search results is salutary.

From now on, although I still advise that you choose a relevant domain name for your business (but for other purpose than search rankings: to be easily remembered by your clients and visitors), you don’t need to lose sleep over not finding a free domain. Focus your SEO efforts in the right directions. And if you are not sure what you need to do, contact us. We have your answers!


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