Facebook Going For World Domination

The news is out that Facebook is not only the biggest social network, but also the fastest growing one. Compared to MySpace’s growth of 3% wordwide, the 153% growth of Facebook is quite spectacular. Hi5, Friendster and Orkut are the closest followers with a respective 100%, 50% and 41% growth, but Facebook seems to be back more than ever before.

Most of Facebook’s boost results from new  users  accross the globe.  Facebook recently translated  the service in several languages and  apparantly that was a smart move to  attract newbies. The growth was most spectacular in Latin America (1055%), Asia Pacific (458%), Middle East/Africa (403%) but even the growth in Europe where Facebook was already popular exceeds many times the growth of Facebook in the US.

Despite the growth, it must be a real pain for Facebook that in all those masses hardly anyone is clicking their ads. Advertisers seems to be universally dissapointed with click through rates on the social network. The black sheep  appears to be the tech savvy, young and ad ingoring crowd on Facebook, but with better ad placements in the new design this might improve though. Nevertheless, once absorbed in Facebook, members are too busy in dialogue, with all necessary buttons and links within hand reach, making ads look redundant.

Other than online marketerts nobody cares about CTR’s and that will definetely not slow down its rise across the globe. Are we looking towards the day virtually everyone will have Facebook? Wait, See and Network in the meantime.