SEO Strategies You Probably Didn’t Know: Using Flickr.

Google wallpaper.Nothing new, but since it comes from Vanessa Fox this is one of those SEO advices that should make the top of your daily bookmarks. Vanessa advises to use flickr. as an SEO tool. Hosting the images you use in your blog entries and even on your site on flickr. will bring you traffic from flickr., especially if you use the right tags and insert proper title attributes. Then don’t forget to pass on some link juice to flickr. by linking back from your site with keyword rich anchor text.

Remember that, unless you are on a higher PageRank and traffic rank value than flickr. you’ll be linking to an authority site, pretty much as you do when you refer to Wikipedia. Google indexes flickr. pages in its natural results and also in the image search. This gives you increased chances of being found in the search engines. With the right tags and the proper titles you’ll even get targeted traffic – the best kind.

If you want your flickr. image to become even more popular you’ll have to promote it a bit more. Don’t let it at Google’s mercy (we all know that Google is far from being merciful, and if you look at the amount of irrelevant image search results for any given query you will understand that your tags, alt attributes and file names don’t even matter) ! So use other way to promote your flickr. page. Create images optimized for StumbleUpon and give them a thumb up. You’ll drive some traffic to flickr., yes, but if those stumblers like your artwork, they’ll certainly visit your site, provided that you don’t forget to link back to it from the flickr. page. Good luck.


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