4 Ways To Quickly Get Indexed

It seems to be a slow news day today in the world of search, the search blogs are largely lifeless or regurgitating news about Microsoft walking away from Yahoo.

So, this gives me the perfect opportunity to write a short “how to” article :) In this post, you’ll find out how to get your new website indexed very quickly – sometimes in as little as 24 hours – sometimes even in a few minutes! Warning: Extreme indexing information follows!

 1. Use WordPress

OK, I know WordPress is technically blogging software, but it can also be used as an awesome CMS. With workflow, custom pages, custom templates and search function all built in, it’s ideally setup for being a CMS as well as a blog.

The great thing about wordpress is that it has an RSS and XML feed built in to the software so that every time you make a new post, it automatically notifies about 10 websites that your site has been updated. Search engine bots are drawn to these services like moths to a flame because they constantly have new content which you may have heard…search engines love!

2. Social Bookmark!

Another place the search engine spiders like to hang around at is social bookmarking sites. If you submit your new site to some of these services, you should get indexed very quickly indeed!

Submit your new site to these services and you should be laughing!

3. Google Sitemaps

Too many webmasters and site owners don’t take advantage of the free SEO tools provided by Google themselves (possibly an article for when we have another slow news day). But you should go ahead and sign up at Google Webmaster because there’s a plethora of free tools available.

Chief amongst them is the Sitemap feature where you can create your own sitemap in XML and Google crawls and indexes this. Don’t be scared or put off by creating a sitemap, it’s quite painless, just use a tool like Sitemap Maker, plugin your values and off you go, it does it all for you. Save the sitemap and upload it to your website, then just tell Google where your sitemap is located in your Webmaster Tools account. Google will come along and index all your pages, usually pretty quickly.

4. Post on high traffic forums with your URL in the signature

Although you can’t just go ahead and start spamming a forum, you can sign up and legitimately put your website in your signature. Start out by making 3-5 posts on 5 different forums that’s related to your site theme. To find these forums simply go to Google (oh ok, the search engine of your choice) and enter:

“Your Industry”+forum

This will bring up a nice lot of results that you can go and signup to and make a few posts.

Other ways to get indexed quickly

  • Submit your blog to technorati and ask friends to vote for it
  • Answer questions on Yahoo Answers and refer to your site in your answer
  • Post comments on high traffic blogs – similar tactic to forum posting
  • Submit articles to article directories

Use the above tips together and your site will get indexed ultra fast by the search engines, mostly within 24 hours.

Top Tip: For best results do not use any search engine submission forms or even worse, don’t purchase any package that promises to submit your site to the search engines!


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