Giants Duel Sullivan Vs Calacanis

If you watch the video below you’ll practically understand what triggered a very interesting “giants duel”. Calacanis attacked the SEOs again, practically because he is pretty ignorant when it comes to differences between SEO and SMO my entry on this topic, and he is not so SEO savvy either. But let’s watch the video first:

If you are not in the mood or you don’t want to waste your time watching this gibberish to the end, let me lead you to a simple conclusion: this guy promotes black hat social media optimization. Can you believe it? The SMO industry is confronted with the same problems SEO needed to face years ago, but sadly it’s the SEO taking the blame all over again!

When a strong voice like Calacanis calls 90% of the SEOs snake oil salesman in his post from the February 7, 2007 and Danny Sullivan reacts on the 8th… I cannot help but wonder: when is the SMO industry going to react? After all Calacanis calls their tactics bulls$%t as a whole. SMO doesn’t even get those lousy 10%!

As a SEO professional, I have to stand up for my colleagues, men and women of the SEO industry. Danny says in his response to Jason:

“I really appreciate you taking that term and continuing to make it a negative, rather than trying to educate people about the difference between SEO and spamming.

SEO does not mean “gaming the system” to 90 percent of us if you’re talking the SEO industry itself. Heck, I don’t even know if 90 percent of the general public thinks that. Most people in the general public still don’t even seem to understand that there is even a thing called search engine optimization. “

And I say it is time that the SEOs start educating their clients and the public opinion up to the point where they understand basic principles of search engine optimization and the differences between SEO and other online marketing tools. Because, let’s face it: many people (including Calacanis) still think that web design is enough. And there are many other issues that need clarification.

So if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. After all this is the purpose of this blog: to answer your questions and provide all the SEO information you need for a successful online presence.


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