After The Darkness, Google Brought Light

Google is making many search marketers happy these days by throwing some more information into the hungry crowds of SEO’ers and showing us a piece of the company’s black box data.

So what is the matter? Well, Google is now displaying estimated search volumes of keywords in their keword tool for Adwords. This keyword tool is freely available to the public and helps marketers setting up Adword campaigns by offering some keyword information based on a website’s content or a keyword/phrase.

Before the Adword Keyword Tool was only displaying a visual indication of a keyword’s relative search volume, but that is now changing! Google is displaying approximate NUMBERS of search queries and with that offering a treasure of information for online marketers.

Knowing which keywords are searched for more or less compared to others is so useful the Seo community will be grateful for this information. One example of this is keyword insertion. Knowing that repeating the search query in the ad copy increases CTR’s and now knowing which keyword query is more searched than another can together drastially improve the campaigns succes.

If you are already an Adwords users, you also might want to check the dynamic keyword insertion feature in Adwords. This feature allows you to highlight the keyword in your ad that the searcher typed in Google Search. Simply adding {keyword: I want to highlight this) in your ad copy will do the job.

The only problem is that Google not only inserts the specific keyword you want, but also approximations of it. This could result in an ad originally showing ‘Become a Star in Bollywood’ showing ‘Become A Star in Bollywood gossip” after the dynapmic keyword insertion, if Google judges these highlighted keywords similar enough.