SEO Don’ts: Google Bowling

This time it’s not about you. This time we’ll analyse what you should not do to your competitors. Not necessarily because it’s not ethical, but because “what goes around comes around.”

The first stop is what practitioners of this type of SEO call “Google bowling”: link spamming.

As you already know from previous Search Engines Oracle entries and from other trustworthy SEO sources, you should not involve your website in obscure linking strategies, because Google tends to send spamdexing sites to the supplemental index or to ban them out of its SERPs. And when you lose Google you lose 40% of your traffic, if not more, thus you lose many potential customers.

But as easy it is to lose your own rankings as easy to play tricks on your competitors. With smart software that generates automatically thousands of links at once pointing to your competitors’ sites, you’ve got them banned.

Chances are that Google will even considered all these links “paid” and the sites you target will at least lose their trust rank, if they are not getting banned. Either way, good bye Google top 100.

These techniques are not accessible to just any black-hat SEO. You need a skilled SEO to do them for you in the strictest secrecy. Certainly you don’t want your competitors to learn about your intentions and actions, or they might get a similar idea and start hurting your site.

SEO Ltd. does not perform such black hat SEO campaigns. The only purpose of this entry was to keep you informed on SEO realities.