Google Caught With It’s Pants Down!

In what could be the mistake of the year from Google, the search engine industry has been awash with news reports that important statistical data has been leaked by the search engine giant.

The reports centre around the Google’s AdWords program where publishers can pay Google a small amount for each visit the search engine sends to their site. The visibility of your ad depends on a complex formula based on how much you pay, your CTR (that’s click through rate to you and I) and an unknown “quality score” which Google gives to your site, presumably based on the content.

The statistical data is something of a mystery, it includes three variables:

  1. PScore
  2. mCPC
  3. Thresh

Eric Lander from Search Engine Journal has come up with some information that says the higher the PScore the more surprising or statistically accurate the match.

The mCPC has generally been agreed to mean the Maximum Cost Per Click, although others have offered a theory it could also be the minimum cost per click.

Finally, the jury is still out on what the “Thresh” variable means.

So if this really was a technical glitch, the engineer responsible may have been saved from a total mess up as us SEO’s struggle to understand and interpret the data given. The majority of sightings were seen on Google’s country specific search engines or on non-English site.

You can read more and check out the screenshots over on Search Engine Land.


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