Google, Malware, Microsoft

I read a funny article today. The title: Google Says Microsoft Web Servers are Used to Distribute Malware. Is this supposed to be something new? Google comes with the news as if they were the first to discover the truth about malware! But the fact that Microsoft has enough issues to make us turn to other providers is known since a long time.

Microsoft promised to put an end to spam, but instead the number percentage of email spam has tripled. So it’s no surprise that its servers distribute the highest amounts of malware.

To compare Microsoft servers with Apache servers is pointless at the moment. China and South Korea are the two top countries originating malware. But let’s not judge too soon: there are enough countries, which could keep up with a fast pace. Let’s not forget Russia and other countries of the Eastern European Block.

Yet, despite the blabs, the article has an interesting piece of information: malware coming from Germany is usually sent via Apache.

It’s obvious that Google made such statistic to promote Apache against its competitor.

Although Microsoft has an official position in this matter, it is not strong enough to make a difference. The users will still point out at Microsoft and blame it for their problems. And let’s face it, when a company fails to deliver the promised results, we all have reasons to doubt the proficiency of its employees.

Well, I’ll keep an eye on this fight of the giants, and when something new comes up, I’ll keep you posted.