Green Men from Mars, Google and NASA

If you do a Google search for little green men from Mars you will not find too much. But when you connect Google with NASA… well, that’s another story.

For Google the Web is no longer enough. It reaches out to touch the skies, it stretches towards the infinite, it aims for the stars. Or how else would you explain the news: Google Hires Former NASA Astronaut? Or another one: NASA and Google to Bring Space Exploration Down to Earth. All interesting titles, thought triggering and puzzling.

But that Google plans to take over the Universe…it is an old story. Take a look at the Google Press Center if you still doubt my words. Oh, the possibilities!

I still cannot help but picture a Man In Black IV featuring Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and introducing Matt Cutts and Ed Lu. Can you imagine? Trailers on Google Video and YouTube as teasers; “MIB IV – Google to Mars” ads by Google; new on your Google page: famous MIB IV quotes and the list remains open.

The truth is that the weekly news about Google keep on revealing an amazing company, with amazing PR, a great online marketing strategy and an abundance of ideas without precedent. A careful look at Google reveals more about online marketing than any specialty book could possibly reveal. And the information is free, just waiting for you to discover it, learn it and use it for your own benefit.