Ranking in Google – Part I

Google is the most powerful search engine and there are reasons to believe it will stay that way for a while, contrary to what some advocates of the natural search predict.

Google still bases its results on linkage data, but it analyses the contents of a site to determine similarity and other spamming issues.

As competition for high rankings in the Google SERPs is acerb, many webmasters are often discouraged and pay way too much for SEO services, without knowing that, in fact, there are some free and less expensive tools they might use, prior to employing a SEO company. (As you know we offer free website analysis so we are going to tell you from the very beginning what should do alone and what is worth to be paid).

Even the most experienced SEO gurus recommend that you write articles and get them syndicated. These articles should be unique, persuasive and professional. EzineArticles is one of the most reliable article directories on the Web. The best part about their service is that you’ll be allowed to include links to your website within the context of the article (as long as these links bring value to the readers) and not solely in your signature (no more than 3 links and no affiliate links). If your article is good, other ezine publishers will pick it up. This will give you a bunch of contextual links, quite valuable for SEO purposes.

Writing press releases (only if you have newsworthy products and services to announce) is also a good way to gain links and to generate buzz. There is no secret that brands rank high for their relevant keywords. By becoming a recognized brand you increase your chances of high rankings, so spare no effort in making your name known.


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