Ranking in Google – Part II

Yesterday I analysed writing and syndicating articles and press releases as two of the most popular strategies to rank in Google. Your efforts shouldn’t stop here. Every step you take to promote your business online is just a tiny part of the puzzle.

Online success is difficult, even more difficult than ranking in Google. To compete you need to gain authority and the best way to achieve this goal is to make your business known:

  • List your site in authority directories
  • Link to recognized niche authorities
  • Advertise on relevant sites (you don’t need random traffic, you need targeted traffic so stay away from sites that are irrelevant for your industry)
  • Don’t start any SEO campaigns if your site is not ready for the public (poor design, broken links, pages under construction, useless graphics and other drawbacks will drive your visitors away instead of converting them into paying customers)
  • Don’t waste your time and money on SEO if you are unable to deliver what you promise (quality!)

I know so many businesses that rank high in Google for the most competitive key phrases. Yet they don’t make enough sales to justify the money invested in SEO and PPC campaigns. Why? Because they fail delivering their message in a clear, professional manner.

So take it from a professional SEO: have your site ready before paying for SEM! If you are not sure whether your site is ready or not, contact us and we are going to analyse it for free. We are also going to tell you what SEM or SMO (especially for blogs) strategy is best for your site.


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