Hot SEO News

Almost the middle of August and we’ve got the hottest news, steaming and waiting for you:

Google upgrades its AdWords algorithm. Oh, YES! There is an AdWords algorithm and that has nothing to do with SEO, but it has a lot to do with Search Engine Oracle Ltd. being an AdWords Qualified Professional. But this is not about SEO Ltd. This is about you, getting the service you need to make the most out of your website.

Anyway, to make the best out of the Google updates, you’ll need to make the arithmetic sum of CPC and other internal costs. Then you’ll have to pay attention to your web stats and modify your strategies accordingly.

The newest Google update doesn’t refer to standard SEO algorithms updates, but to a special one: the Google AdWords update (summing a Google quality score and the CPC elements in the formula.

If you read the Google AdWords blog you will learn that there are still ways to determine the bidding behavior of the advertisers. Yet, what SEO Ltd. already can tell you, from our already broad experience, is that there is no way anyone could ever control Google and its AdWords program. Any get rich with AdSense scheme is nothing but… just an illusion.

All in one, we know our jobs, we know what we are doing and, already being an AdWords certified professional is your warrantee to a service without compromise. Contact Search Engine Oracle today for any SEO service you might need.