Why HTML Validation?

When you see so many sites that are not W3C compliant ranking high in the search engines, you might think: “HTML validation doesn’t really matter”. Don’t be so sure!

HTML validation is important because the modern search engines are moving slowly but sure towards HTML and DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliancy. A valid page is an accessible page. It can be easily read not solely by the search engines, but by a larger audience as well: people with certain imparities who access an website with special devices designed for their disabilities (ex. screen readers for blind people), business people who access the Web with mobile devices and so on. Federal and Government websites have to be W3C and DDA compliant or they might get legal issues. Soon this will become a requirement for all the websites.

The SEO benefits are obvious: W3C compliant pages are scanned fast and accurately by the search spiders. The pages load faster and are compatible with almost all the current browsers. This is an advantage as more and more users access the Web from other devices than PCs (TV, GSM, etc). These devices have special browsers installed and use special search platforms. Google already has the mobile search enabled. If you want to see how your website will appear on the screen of a mobile device, visit this link.

Needless to say that our site is compliant and it does validate. This is indeed (now, but we might change it later) a free WordPress theme, but we still need to take care to code our entries correctly. So if you need help SEO optimizing your blog, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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