Human Powered Search Engines

Or Five Reasons Why SEO Should Focus on Quality Content

Even the big fish like Google, Yahoo! and Live have some human interference with the search results on a certain level. No search engine bases its results 100% on algorithms. Spam sites are reported to Google on daily basis, and there is always a human editor checking these reports out and making the call whether the “guilty” sites stay in the SERPs or go down the sand box. We’ve seen that happening a lot: I wonder how many Google users realize what really happens behind the scenes?

Debating on Google’s interference with the search results is pointless right now. The search is changing and the human factor will play a very important role in the future. I even embrace the possibility that instead of one “search giant” we’ll see the users splitting their preferences among various smaller search engines.

Not long ago I mentioned wikia search, but let’s not forget Mahalo, ChaCha, and other human powered search engines that aim to kick Google’s derriere. Even when some so-called web analysts doubt the scope and functionality of such tools, there’s no proof that they will not last. In the modern web environment any company can become a big hit if it targets the right social media channels. Knowing this it is easy to figure why SEO should focus on quality content:

  1. Humans are picky – the users will not really penalize you for lack of content on your site, but they will give more importance to good content, sensational – kind of what you can read on the front page of any important online magazine.
  2. Even the traditional search engines follow the social media trends.
  3. Valuable content speaks a lot about the knowledge and expertise of a seller (either company or private person).
  4. Good content travels fast (even online the “word of mouth” is powerful).
  5. Last but not least, good content shows respect for the readers.


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