The Ultimate Keyword Tool for the DIY SEO

SEO is not rocket science – anyone can do it, but you do employ SEO consultants when you don’t have the time to learn about the search engines, their algorithms and the SEO strategies and tools needed to make a website rank in the SERPs. When you do have the time there are enough resources on the Web to show you how to employ SEO techniques successfully, there are even free SEO tools to use to make your job easier. One of the most important tools is the “keyword selector.”

Skilled SEOs use the keyword selector tools just for stats. They already know the market and they already know which keywords are most likely to be popular and generate enough searches to convert. The DIY SEO – the webmaster who is not an SEO but has the time and willingness to optimize his site without help – needs some tools to search for the best keywords and keywords combinations.

Top of my list is Aaron Wall’s SEO book keyword suggestion tool. This is practically the ultimate keyword tool for the DIY SEO and for many professionals. It is free and it is driven from the Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool, but what is more important about Aaron’s innovation is that it shows you simultaneous results from Wordtraker, Google, Yahoo! and Live and in addition provides links to price estimate tools from Google AdWords and links to other pages of interest like, Yahoo! Suggest, Google Synonyms and so on.

This is probably the best keyword suggestions tool on the Web. I’ve tested several other tools and I can tell you that Aaron’s is the closest in quality with the paid tools from Wordtracker.


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