Demystifying Some Keyword Selection Myths

Fact: keywords are vital for SEO. Myth: using keyword selection tools like Wordtracker, Overture or Google’s keyword selection tool (and many other) you can choose the best keywords for your site.

Keyword tools are not accurate. I am not telling you not to use them; they do make our work easier because they provide general statistics, general information. But that’s it. In my experience many websites get more traffic for the 5th, 6th most popular search term in their keyword database.

To get the real most popular keyword and optimize your site for that you’ll need to run some long-term statistics. Besides, not all keywords convert. You might get traffic for a specific search term, but remember: you are online to do business and not to see your traffic meters skyrocketing. You want money in your account.

Traffic that doesn’t convert is a waste of bandwidth. No matter what you do, always remember that the best way to get targeted traffic is to optimize the relevant keywords. They should not be the most popular. They should be relevant.

The best way to learn which keywords are relevant for your business and which keywords convert is to run a PPC campaign.

This leads us to another important conclusion: SEO and PPC should complement each other. You cannot launch a poorly optimized site counting solely on your PPC campaigns. Maximize your ROI by employing the right tools at the right time.

Before wasting your money on poorly managed PPC campaigns, hire a SEO consultant who knows how to perform a proper keyword research and who knows how to optimize keywords that convert.