Learn SEO Is Not Competitive

I bet my title triggers some puzzled questions, doesn’t it? What I mean is that the keyword phrase “learn SEO” is not as competitive as some so-called SEO gurus and SEO authors (one of them advertises his new ebook intensively these days) would like you to believe.

To rank for “learn SEO” all you need to do is to write a comprehensive tutorial, place it on your website and then invite people to visit it and learn from your wisdom. If they like what they see (and of course what they learn) they will recommend your site to their friends and readers, either by posting links on their blogs, by emailing your article or by posting a reference link to your SEO resource in forums. Become the “learn SEO” resource, be as good as the leaders of the google.com for this keyword phrase and the long-tail “learn SEO” world is yours.

As you know, SEO has changed. The LSI (latent semantic indexing) makes it really difficult (if not impossible) for you to manipulate the search engines by simply spreading your targeted keywords within the context, tags, links, attributes and HTML comments. SEO is about creating value. A value that Google (and many other search engines) is smart enough to evaluate, compare and classify.

I’ve been watching the search results a lot these days – it’s part of my job, after all. And I see wonders. Some websites rank because they are accessible, they validate and they provide good content. After reviewing their keyword density there’s nothing there to point out an SEO trick. These sites are old. Their content has been online for a while. But Google found a way to understand its value and now those sites rank because… they are relevant.

Relevant doesn’t mean writing an article just like that… to cover a topic. Relevant means writing an article to cover a topic and completing the information that is already available online.

This is the new SEO.