SEO and Distance Learning

Now you have the chance to learn more about SEO with SEMPO’s distance learning courses.

When you read something like this you probably wonder: what are they going to come up with next? Weren’t the SEO books sold by various SEO experts enough? Aren’t the forums and SEO blogs sufficient to fill in the need of SEO knowledge? Apparently not. When SEMPO comes up with such an idea (and if you are an SEO professional you know that SEMPO is one of the authorities in this domain) you know that there is a need for such a program.

The SEMPO Institute is an elite organization. We encounter among its members names like Oneupweb, Bruce Clay, Text Link Ads and many more. Then, to convince you to join their classes, SEMPO brings the heavy artillery into the picture, explaining in a press release how many (in percents) of their students like the classes and would recommend the course.

Then they list the classes and give a price but they forget the most important aspect of such an offer: explaining or enumerating the advantages.

Nothing answers to “why SEMPO?” All the listed modules speak about standard SEO techniques you could learn by purchasing an SEO book or reading SEO blogs.

So I cannot help but wonder: was this SEO curriculum really necessary? If you are a beginner, you should first read everything you can find free of charge about SEO. Then purchase Aaron Wall’s SEO book, which is still one of the most valuable SEO tools. Then learn everything about online marketing, trends, PR: And learn HTML.

While I’m not again SEMPO’s initiative, I am here to tell you that you don’t need to invest your money in such SEO education. Real SEO skills develop in time and the learning process is continuous.