Low Value in the SEO Books Sector

Mike Grehan makes interesting notes on the value of the SEO books today. I am not unfamiliar with this frustration. As any professional in any field I always try to keep up to date with what is new in the industry. Naturally, when a new SEO book is released, I buy it and practically devour it. But what happens when there’s nothing there to devour? What if all the new SEO books are nothing else than SEO hype? Aren’t these authors able to come up with something new?

Nowadays, each time I spend a dime on a new SEO book I feel like I am wasting not only money (which is not that aggravating anyway) but my time. There’s nothing new in any of these “new” books. No value. Like Mike Grehan says:

But I’m pondering why search engines seem to have taken a massive leap forward, and yet search engine optimization (whatever that means) seems to have got stuck in a time warp and can’t catch up.

Mike is right.

It’s not only the SEO books sector that bothers me. It’s the SEO as a whole. With so much change in the search field, with so many predictions for 2008, it’s a wonder to see that the SEOs still talk about meta tags and linking as if they were the SEO’s holy grail. They work, of course, but there’s more to SEO than on site optimization. New web realities need new SEO techniques.

For example: the web goes mobile. What do the SEOs do? How many advise their clients to get ready for the iPods? I mean, let’s face it: unless SEO changes fast, there’ll be close to no value coming with the services we strive to provide.


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