An Honest Directory?

I like to keep my readers up to date with the latest SEO trends, the newest SEO tools and Google’s most extravagant moves. But you already know that. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise my constant interest for the press releases submitted at PRWeb.

Yesterday I was busy, catching up on my reading. I have to admit that, while keeping a close eye on Google, I’ve almost missed out the launch of a new, interesting directory: MasterMOZ. You can read the press release here.

Now, from this press release we learn that this is a “directory with a twist” (what a poetic license): part social bookmarking site and part directory. We also learn that MasterMOZ is going to “make the Internet honest again”.

I cannot help a “you don’t say so”.

The positive aspect is that once you submit your website in the right category, it goes live.

The advantages are obvious: you are in full control of your listing, you can edit it at any time, and you don’t need to wait “ages” till a directory administrator approves your entry. That beats both DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory. To be honest, that beats any other directory I know.

But they could really spare us the SEO lecture. Right now, except the value of a free inbound link, the directory offers no other SEO advantage. Being a new directory, thus “unknown” to the large public, I doubt it has even traffic value.

With their aggressive marketing campaigns and the patent pending technology, it will probably become an authority source. But these things take time. My advice: take advantage of the free listing and test the efficiency of the directory before upgrading to a paid membership.


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