Keywords Dilemma: Misspelling Words

Yes, people do misspell words, and strangely enough sites that use such words in their page copy rank pretty well and even convert. Because users don’t really care about your spelling if the products you sell are competitive. Even Symantec misspells the name of its major brand in some occasions.

When Germans search for Symantec’s products they don’t always spell “Norton”, but “Norten.” The first results that appear on the search results page are Symantec’s sponsored ads. Obviously Symantec wants to rank well in the SE for “Norten” but they don’t dare to misspell their own brand on their site. So they use the term just for PPC campaigns.

If you have a good budget the idea makes sense. But what happens if you don’t? Don’t worry, there is a way. Use your image alt attributes. Insert the misspelled words there, and you’ll get easily away with it.

Image alt attributes do have an impact on search engine results, especially in the image search results, but what really works is to name the image itself (the file) with a misspelled word. Instead of “image1.jpg” you could use any term you need to rank for, obviously a term related to what you have to offer and a term that is usually misspelled by the web surfers.

This way you will not have misspelled words on your pages and your site will keep its professional standards. On the long term the misspelled terms you used to name your images will be indexed and they’ll send targeted traffic to your site.