More Yahoo News

Because Google gets the entire buzz and all the glory, especially in Europe, let’s focus a bit on a search giant that tries to win territory and spares no casualties in the process.

They say Yahoo is reorganizing its staff, but the chess moves in the big corporation are far from being discrete: Jerry Yang in, Farzad Nazem out, other execs moving around within the organization and puzzling the SE annalists… (A comprehensive report at Search Engine Land.)

The buzz doesn’t stop here though. On the hottest blogs today you can read about Yahoo, Google, AOL and other big players of the Web being accused of violating some patents…

To be honest I couldn’t really decipher the news, so I let you follow a link and read it for yourselves. Maybe you can make more sense out of it.

Last but not least, we learn from reading the blogosphere today that, while Google is doing business with CNN (the website!) Yahoo deals with DexKnows. Interesting enough: Google powers the US searches on CNN; and the international site searches by Yahoo. Could this mean that the two giants have found a place to live in harmony?

Quite possible! Let’s not forget – the place where you can find the sitemaps protocol that satisfies all the search sharks.

And that’s not it. In my opinion Yahoo is trying hard to conquer the market and it is doing a pretty good job at it. As I said in one of my previous entries: it’s maybe time to create a special Yahoo category.