New From Google: The Universal Search

Google has introduced the “Universal Search” which will combine information from all content sources: text and news, video and images, books, e-commerce sites and so on. The purpose is to give relevant answers to increase users experience.

For each search query you make Google will deliver the most relevant websites, with backup video results, maps and news. Obviously, to create such search results, Google needed to change its algorithms again.

Personally (and other SEOs and Web marketers seem to share my view) the Universal Search Model will change the way we perceive Google search.

Instead of a simple, uniform result we’ll get to choose from various information sources. We’ll need to guess what lies behind a video link or how relevant the industry news really is.

So from a user’s perspective I don’t see real advantages. I do see SEO and marketing advantages. Entrepreneurs will be able to better brand their business through broader indexed multimedia channels.

The proper tags will provide for good rankings and the challenge for website owners is to optimise for search all their online tools, not just the websites.

To conclude: Google is challenging our SEO efforts again. This is a proof that SEO is an ongoing process and if you want to keep up with the pace, you need to employ a company that is permanently aware of the new SEO trends. Needless to tell you that Search Engine Oracle Ltd. is that company. You already know that we strive to give you the latest news in real time. We are also there to provide you valuable service, starting with the free audit for your site to the last phase of the project.