Microsoft Clones…Yahoo

Say what now? Wasn’t Mircosoft the one that wanted to buy Yahoo? Well, yeah, they were until they decided to meekly walk away (and probably watch with a certain amount of satisfaction as Yahoo shareholders go postal at the Yahoo board of directors).

But now, in a surprise relaunch, Live (Microsoft’s search engine) has announced that they are bringing back Live QnA, a questions and answers site that is sure to make any regular Yahoo Answers user give a double take when they first see it. To say the concept has been borrowed is possibly the understatement of the week. Borrowed, stealed, plundered, pilfered and quite possibly plagiarized aswell.

The concept is very simple. Signup, ask a question, get answers, pick the best answer. The more answers you give, the more points you get which you can use to, erm…post new questions.

How sites like this are popular is frankly beyond me, anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes on Yahoo Answers knows that the most intelligent question on there is along the lines of…

“Who will win in a fight between a squirrel and pigeon”

Answers (or Knowledge) sites have been geting a lot of press, but frankly the seem to be a waste of time for anyone looking for serious questions. However, the promotional and SEO side is overlooked by many marketers and SEO companies…


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