SEO Is Not Extinct, But Some SE Are

Archie and Gopher were the first so-called search engines. They looked nothing like the modern SE. They were merely used as crawlers to collect data from the web. Gopher used to index text documents so that makes it the grandfather of all text search engines. Then Wandex was born, to die soon after and Aliweb officially becomes the Web’s oldest search engine. What a touching story.

And if you didn’t know it by now, WebCrawler is guilty for the need of text-based SEO, because this search engine set the direction for all the others: WebCrawler scanned and indexed pages based on their text content. Thank you WebCrawler for giving us a job!

Can you imagine all this stone age tools in the world of the Web 2.0? And can you predict how long are the modern SE still going to last? I am still wondering what happens with Google and why don’t they do anything to counterattack Powerset and hakia, but I guess the SE master has its plans.

Google is reigning the search since 1996 and it become absolute sovereign a few moments ago when it was voted the most powerful brand of the World. That tells us that there is practically no one on earth who doesn’t know the name Google. And the battle for power continues. Will Google ever go extinct? Will there ever be a new SE to look up to and fight for? It’s about time for that to happen. Google is more than 10 years old and we see it getting scared (making the wrong purchasing, hiding information from the public, some not so inspired PR and so on).