On Web Copy

Why are my articles so short? Most of them stick around 250 words or slightly more. Some clients ask why, since I always say that content matters and quantity is the key for the search engines. Yes, but quality is the key for the readers!

So I try to create content that pleases both the readers and the search engines. I keep my posts to a minimum: a 250 words text does well in the search engines and it is not boring for the readers either. The longer the text the higher the chances that my readers will browse away looking for better content, condensed, to the point; yet the longer the text the higher the chances that the search engines will consider it relevant information for the users. Oops… That’s a difficult one! Or maybe not…

When you write your web copy you should have your users in mind. My clients for instance don’t have the time to read endless rambles written for the search engines. What makes you believe that your visitors would be the exception to this rule? The key to online success is to keep it simple while still providing useful and reliable information: KISS it with a twist.

My writing stile happens to be conversational although I haven’t activated the comments field to let you express your opinions. There’s a reason for this too: this blog is merely informational (we keep it as simple as possible). If you have questions or comments, please use the contact form.